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The inhabitants of the Cape are often at once farmers and sea rovers.

- Henry David Thoreau

FIELD TEST is a large-scale project that sites artworks ln the gallery, the community and natural
landscape in and around Wellfleet, MA on Cape Cod.

FIELD TEST is composed of 5 distinct bodies of work: Big Red; Color Field; Crop Circles; Frosted
Flakes; and Frosted Salt Hay; coming together fort he first time at FARM Project Space & Gallery
In Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

FIELD TEST inspiration: In 2002, l created the artworks Color Field & Crop Circles inspired by the rectangular and circular haybales that dot the fields on my daily commute from Kansas City, Missouri to Lawrence, Kansas. l was inspired by these obiects first as beautiful minimalist sculptures and then as iconic forms that connect us to our agrarian/agricultural, past/present. Every year I see these fields, farmland and the natural landscape being consumed by suburban development, sprawl and cul-de-sacs. Today, this is a more too often typical fate as the family farm gets sold off for development. By coloring the haybales, we see them anew. We take notice of them. I Imagine someday this land, farming, and the physical haybale; the formal/sculptural evidence of human and machine activity will quite possibly disappear.

Bringing these thoughts to Cape Cod. MA connects project to place in a similar yet expanding way. The economy of Wellfleet, MA. during the 340 years of its history has passed through three successive and overlapping stages: farming. fishlng, and commerce and services fueled largely by the development of the housing and tourist industry. Connecting this work to the agrarian history of the Cape, specifically to the salt hay farming culture inspired me to create new artworks utilizing salt hay that I harvested from the Salt Pond / Nauset Marsh in Eastham.

I love art that meets people on their turf Hrst, and than lures them into the gallery to see more, experience more, and learn more.

May Tveit is an artist who works in the disciplines of sculpture, installation art and public art. Her passion to explore the intersection of art and everyday life has resulted in works that provoke thought and dellgnt In Its viewers. Her sculptures and environments are meticulously detail oriented, materially driven by concept, and seek to draw our attention to the relevance of things seemingly insignificant and taken for granted.

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